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08 May, 2015
5:00PM - 9:00PM
ISLA Offices,

ISLA has come into being as a much needed response to both the skills deficit and institutional limitations within African organizations working on strategic human rights litigation. One of the frequently cited challenges by lawyers working in women’s human rights institutions is that strategic litigation requires particular training and resources for litigators to explore the broader legal context in which their routine cases are pursued. As a result, investment in local institutions and individuals is fundamental to bettering strategic litigation in order to secure real gains in women’s human rights protection. ISLA has invented networks that aim to address some of the challenges and these will need to be resourced. We are eager to engage with funding organisations and explore ways in which the resource challenge currently faced by strategic litigation lawyers can be addressed. We see this as an opportunity to meet with all our existing donors in order to update them on our progress and to meet with new donors.