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Sibongile Ndashe is the founder of ISLA. She is a feminist lawyer who has worked as a public interest lawyer for the past 15 years. First Sibongile practiced as a domestic lawyer in South Africa working for two of the largest public interest litigation organisations, the Legal Resources Centre and the Women’s Legal Centre focusing on women’s rights, and then as a researcher at the South African Constitutional Court.

For over six years, she was the lead lawyer on Equality in Africa at Interights, focusing on litigating women’s human rights and violation based on sexual orientation and gender identity  and expression (SOGIE). Her work focused on regional human rights litigation, working before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights with a focus on discrimination. She has litigated cases before the African commission, worked with domestic lawyers from a range of African countries, and provided technical legal assistance to lawyers litigating before national courts.

In a context where access to legal representation for people whose rights are violated on the basis of SOGIE, Sibongile has worked to support regional and domestic movements who are looking to litigate sexual orientation and gender identity matters before domestic courts. She continues to provide technical legal support to African domestic and regional organisations working before the African Human Rights Systems and The United Human Rights Systems. She has worked to establish The African LGBTI Rights Lawyers Network (ALRILaN) a network aimed at supporting lawyers who are litigating SOGIE cases.