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Tamara is an Organizational Development Consultant based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She runs strategic management consultancy with a wide range of clients including donors, government and civil society organizations at a national, regional and international level.

Her development interventions have included supporting global networks on areas such as structuring, strategic positioning and realignment; providing technical support to organizations in the Africa region on areas such as results based planning, partnership brokering and sustainability strategies and; facilitating strategic planning sessions and undertaking evaluations for a cross section of clients. Content areas of specialization include diversity management, gender-based violence, HIV and AIDS and sexual and reproductive health and rights. A significant percentage of her professional work has encompassed providing technical support to a range of donors, which has exposed her to different planning frameworks and their application at different levels, including local community levels. Overall the consultancy sets out to support individuals, organizations and institutions to optimize their effectiveness by amplifying their strategic and operational strengths and synergies, whilst continuously exploring innovative and collective ways to harness capacity and energy, address challenges, build inter connections and break new ground.