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In the three-year period in which I worked with ISLA as part of the Feminist Litigation Network I have had the opportunity to build my capacity and understanding as a lawyer and a feminist. As a member of the network I was able to get a better appreciation on the substantive aspects on Violence against Women and Women, Land and Property Rights, additionally we were able to nuance procedural law issues that may have an impact on access to justice for women and girls. However, more than building my knowledge in law and normative frameworks, FLN built my sense of justice – I already had an inclination for the critique of law and its limitations but the FLN made what would have been considered blasphemous by most lawyers and legal positivists a norm. It was a norm to challenge, to critique and to try and imagine that the law and litigation could work in a better way. Finally, the FLN created a sisterhood (of travelling pants, I kid of course) which in the continuously disappointing world of law and litigation is necessary, at every stop in this three-year journey my understanding of the law as a system of justice was questioned and at each point there was someone in the room who knew exactly how I felt and why I felt that way, and that kind of understanding is very difficult to replicate and cannot be understated. In sum, thank you ISLA for giving this feminist a home.