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We work with a team of consultants who help us to develop, evaluate and implement our Programmes and Projects.

These are our consultants:

Amelia Vukeya Motsepe

Amelia is a consultant at Mokgatla oo Tabane Consulting (Pty) Ltd, consulting in Law, public health and human rights. She is currently working with ISLA to set up the organisation’s governance framework and supports the  Women’s Land and Property Rights Programme. Amelia was previously employed as an Assistant Program Manager at the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa’s (OSISA) HIV and AIDS program and the Law and Health Coordinator for the Open Society Foundation’s Public Health Programme. Her work included managing the OSISA /LAHI Core Grant Initiative, a multi-year initiative to provide institutional support and capacity strengthening to six leading law, HIV and AIDS and human rights organisations in Southern Africa. Amelia holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Master of Laws degree (“LLM”) from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C, U.S. (“Georgetown”). After completing her LLM at Georgetown, she interned at the American Bar Association’s Individual Rights and Responsibilities project on HIV and AIDS. She did her articles of clerkship at Deneys Reitz Attorneys (now Norton Rose Attorneys) and later worked as a researcher for the South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Human Rights and International Law. She completed a years’ clerkship with the Honourable Justice Kate O’ Regan in the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Upon her return from the U.S, Amelia worked as a researcher and practiced as an attorney for the AIDS Law Project (now Section 27).  Prior to working at OSISA, Amelia was a Senior Associate at Bowman Gilfillan attorneys, practicing in the Competition Law, Lobbying and International Trade department. This position involved working with both large international firms and local enterprises, which contributed in refining her business acumen and knowledge of the inner workings of a corporate structure, an added advantage for her in the field of human rights.

Printha Sewdass

Printha an NGO Financial Practitioner who has been working with NGOs and CBOs for the past 23 years.  She is passionate about skilling the sector’s staff with basic skills in financial administration, bookkeeping and financial management.  Printha has trained staff from the very entry level of administration to Directors, on how to read a balance sheet and make informative decisions from their financials.  She runs workshops on the LOGFRAME APPROACH – activity based budgeting which has been extremely beneficial to organisations seeking funding.   Her interactions with donors and understanding their requirements and how they envisage their financial reports to be kept and produced has enabled her to run everything from workshops to organisations, with a similar train of thought ensuring lines of communications are open and transparent between donor and organisations.  Fundamental to all of this, Printha is driven to ensure that organisations adopt their financial policies and procedures, and that their internal controls are in place to enable segregation of duties and compliance thereof.  She has ensured that organisations are able to be audited knowing that they have met all the requirements including legislation, and that the auditor is able to produce a management report which she can use to guide the organization into ensuring they produce an unqualified report that puts funders at ease.  She has been able to bridge the gap between funder and organization relationships, in unpacking the different dynamics of funders globally into our culture, and ensuring that we understand funder requirements and are able to provide the reports, record-keeping to their standards whilst still being compliant with our auditors. Printha has been contracted by ISLA to set up the financial system that encompasses the fiscal grants and direct funds from funders.  The reporting and control of finances will be set up to ensure that financial reports are produced per funder timeously and be user friendly.  She reviews the financial policies and ensures that they are implemented to enable complete, accurate and timeous reports.  She works closely with the Financial Officer guiding her into maintaining the financial systems and how to read the information thereof; works with the Executive Director to understand the donor requirements and legal requirements that ISLA an organization needs to fulfill and; once the financials are produced to be able to understand the reports.   Printha is also a Pastel trainer with 20 years experience, able to set up and train staff on Pastel to gain the most required set of financials per donor and operationally. Lastly, Printha ensures that ISLA is audited at the end of their financial year end, and from the outset to receive an unqualified report.