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24 April, 2015
5:00PM - 9:00PM
ISLA Offices,

ISLA has a Research and Publications unit that intends to produce informational resources pertaining to the cases, programmes and capacity strengthening seminars that will be taking place.  ISLA aims to be a resource on conducting strategy litigation on the continent. We will publish manuals, guides and journals on strategic litigation for lawyers and social movements. To this end, ISLA would like to source opportunities to co-author and co-publish some of these publications.  In addition to this, ISLA is building an internship programme that seeks students from both local and international universities.  The purpose of this programme is to give interns an insight into the issue of women’s human rights and sexual rights, whilst also allowing them to experience the professional work environment.  As such, ISLA will also use this session to formally introduce the organisation to its internship partner universities.