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Strategic Litigation Advice

We provide technical, legal expertise to lawyers and other human rights actors who conduct strategic litigation before domestic, sub-regional, regional courts and the UN treaty bodies.

We also work with social movements and development agencies who wish to use strategic litigation as an advocacy tool. In this regard we assist in the development of the strategic litigation plans and provide resources. In cases before domestic courts, we act as advisors to counsel because we have no right of appearance in many countries. We also provide information on how strategic litigation can be institutionalised by the various institutions we partner with.

The assistance provided includes advice on sourcing of cases, case strategy development, strategic litigation plan development, choice of fora, comparative and international law research, development of case strategy and commenting on briefs. We also provide support to partner organisation and individuals who wish to clarify or develop rules or laws that constitute barriers to effective strategic litigation. For instance, restrictive amicus curiae provisions, adverse cost orders in unsuccessful strategic litigation and limitations on non-profit organisations from providing legal services.

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