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One of ISLA’s programmes is the Women’s Land and Property Rights programme. The programme focuses on using courts to challenge discriminatory laws that adversely impact on women’s ownership, control and access to land and property rights. Through this programme, we support cases that focus on various issues affecting women’s land and property rights. These have included cases concerned with land and property rights of women within the family context such as cases on lack of equal rights to inheritance; laws that exclude or restrict women’s access to property rights and exclusion of women in the administration of deceased estates processes. In addition, our programme includes a focus on gendered impacts of the activities of extractive industry to women’s access and use of land, an area to which scant attention has been paid yet the problem is very pervasive across the continent.

ISLA will be hosting its inaugural Women’s Land and Property Rights Litigation Institute, in Johannesburg from 30 May – 10 June 2016, as part of its capacity strengthening initiatives. Through the institute, lawyers will expand their insight on strategic litigation through; workshops on case selection criteria, the identification of violations, client selection, case development and support, argument crafting, remedies and implementation of decision.

The institute is not only unique to Africa, but also has a two-fold focus of strengthening ISLA’s capacity and that of its partners. Through engagement with participants and faculty members, ISLA is able to learn about developments and emerging trends. An additional benefit is gained from participants and faculty members who impart knowledge on what occurs throughout the continent.

Topics that will be covered at the Women’s Land and Property Rights Litigation Institute include;

  • An Introduction to women’s land and property rights – as related to inheritance and administration of estates and matrimonial property and the gendered impacts of the Extractive Industry; Land acquisition practices and policies
  • Jurisprudence on Women’s Land and Property Rights from around the continent
  • Comparative and International Law on Women’s Land and Property Rights
  • An introduction to the Communications Procedure of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

For more information on the Women’s Land and Property Rights Litigation Institute email us on info@the-isla.org and follow us on Facebook: ISLAAFRICA and Twitter @ISLAAfrica