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Prior to completing this needs assessment form, please read the call for application which provides more details on ISLA and the Feminist Litigation Network. Please note this partnership is limited to:

  1. Organisations that want to strengthen (associate) or establish (core) strategic litigation units. Strategic litigation should already be an agreed way of working within the organisation.
  2. Organisations that approve of the use of feminist legal methods and are willing to institutionalise skills learned from the partnership.
  3. Organisations that can create an enabling environment for strategic litigation and are able to support the participation of lawyers in the partnership.
  4. Organisations and lawyers that are willing to commit to the three-year partnership. This includes active participation in 6 two-week litigation institutes (two each year). Both the organisation and lawyers must be willing to ensure attendance and participation in the learning exercises.
  5. Lawyers who are already using litigation or are interested in using litigation as a significant part of their practice. We recognize there are other ways to use the law and feminism however, this partnership is limited to litigation practitioners.
  6. Lawyers that are feminist.