Building Partnerships For Social Justice

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We are committed to multiple strategies and tactics within and across movements, all targeting the social problems that prevent us from living our rights and shaping feminist futures.  Our overall approach is to collaborate with others to achieve our objectives that advance social justice. As such, we build effective partnerships through networking and collaborations.

Our particular innovation and primary method of working is through our two knowledge-sharing networks, the Feminist Litigation Network and the Sexual Rights Litigation Network.  Through these networks, we provide partners with litigation support, by strengthening their capacity to litigate strategically, as well as institutional strengthening support.


Our innovation and primary method of working is through our knowledge-sharing networks.

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We engage in a number of other collaborations that are not part of the structured Programmes.

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About Us

Founded in 2014, the Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (ISLA) is a Pan-African and feminist initiative with a timely remit: to strengthen strategic human rights litigation across the African continent. Essentially, we aim to change the way that strategic litigation is used so as to enable broader access to justice and to support those who seek to hold states accountable for violations of women’s human rights and sexual rights.

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