Personal Details

Equality and Diversity Monitoring

We request the following information so that we can ensure that we are delivering to an equal opportunities and equal representation recruitment strategy by reviewing statistics across our applicant pool on a regular basis. Only the recruitment team have access to the information completed. All information is for monitoring uses only. It will not be shared with staff or managers outside of that team. One can choose not to answer any selection by choosing the option “I prefer not to say”.
If you have a disability indicate what it is
Name of Employer and Nature of Business | Start date – End date | Job Title- Job Function/ Responsibilities | Final Salary | Reason for Leaving | Separate each employment record with a line
(Maximum 5000 characters).
From - To | Type of School (i.e. Grammar/ Secondary) | Examinations taken and Qualifications Gained (Specify Grades) | Separate Each Record By A New Line
From - To | Name of Institution (state if Full or Part Time) | Subjects Taken and Qualifications Gained (Specify Grades or Degree Class Obtained) | Separate Each Record By A New Line
Date Joined | Institute/ Organisation | Grade of Membership (Where appropriate) | Separate Each Record By A New Line
Details of training courses attended and awards achieved, include year

Suitability For This Position

Please detail your suitability for this position under the relevant headings below stating when and where skills and experience were gained. This is the most important part of the application form. It is the section where applicants let us know about their suitability for the position. Applicants are shortlisted on the basis of the information that is provided here. It is insufficient to simply state that one has experience, we require details. (Maximum of 5000 characters for each criteria)
Please provide your substantial experience using constitutional, regional and international human rights law.
Please provide your in-depth or sophisticated understanding of international and comparative human rights mechanisms, and institutions.
What is your experience working with women’s rights organisations, particularly in Francophone Africa.
Share your knowledge and understanding of women's human rights and feminist analysis.
Give your detailed in a supervisory role as well as experience in coordinating and managing projects.
Please share your fundraising experience, including demonstrated ability to cultivate relationships with individual donors.
How have you previously contributed to strategic and operational planning of the organisation and to organisational development.
Please demonstrate how you will foster partnerships within Francophone Africa.


If you require any special arrangements to be made to assist you if called for interview, please let us know in advance of the interview.


Please give the details of three work related referees, including your current or most recent post. Referees will not be contacted without your prior approval.

Referee 1

Referee 2

Referee 3

Conflict of Interest

ISLA asks that all candidates, existing staff and volunteers declare and disclose any activity or association or other factor which may generate real or perceived conflicts of interest or duties which would otherwise affect their ability to perform the functions, role or responsibilities which they hold or for which they hold or for which they are a candidate. In regards to candidates or new appointments, ISLA expects to discuss such matters at the interview stage of the recruitment process.

Criminal Convictions

Verification of Information

I understand that any false information given may result to the withdrawal of the job offer.