Joseph Omobogi Ogentoto v Martha Bosibori Ogentoto Petition No 11 of 2020



3 July 2020

The Petitioner filed a Petition of Appeal, appealing the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Civil Appeal No 6 of 2018


27 August 2020

The matter went before the Deputy Registrar for directions on how the petition would proceed


7 – 13 October 2020

7 October 2020: ISLA along with KELIN and Human Rights Watch (HRW) lodged an amicus curiae application and written submissions on the merits before the Supreme Court

12 October 2020: The matter went before the Court for the hearing of FIDA Kenya’s application for admission as interested party

13 October 2020: A Mention Notice was issued to give notice that the Application by ISLA, KELIN and HRW would come before the Deputy Registrar on 30 October 2020

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