We are delighted to host our first expert advisory meeting on Violence Against Women on the 6th and 7th of June 2015. The meeting will convene leading experts from around the world with vast expertise working on issues of violence against women (VAW) on different domestic, regional and international platforms. Participants have been drawn from academic research institutions, domestic lawyers, individuals who have experience working for human rights institutions.Over the two days, participants will discuss and critically explore emerging issues on violence affecting women across Africa; international framework on trafficking; violence, multiple discrimination and intersectionality and the interaction of women with the criminal justice women. With experts from different regional and international human rights institutions, the convening is an opportunity to compare and learn from the jurisprudence of different human rights systems.The deliberations and outputs of the convening will underpin ISLA’S mandate to address challenges that have hampered the work on violence against women across the continent such as the dearth of jurisprudence on VAW before African human rights systems and the skills deficit of litigators working on VAW. The outcomes of the deliberations will increase our own capacity on VAW issues by refining and reinforcing our methods and perspectives.