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Redress for discrimination against and the unlawful arrest and detention of LGBTI activists and community members in Ghana

Parties make oral arguments on the protection of all forms of family and equitable division of property arising out of family forming unions

The advancement of family law to question the role of fault in divorces and the protection of parties who are cohabiting – admission as amici curiae in cases before the Kenya Supreme Court and High Court.

MEDIA STATEMENT The ISLA: “Social Change requires holding Governments Accountable”

Media Statement: There Is No Single Definition Of Family

Press Release: FEO v JAO SOA 3 March 2022

Press Release ISLA CREAW WSER Court Case For Constitutional Rights Redress

Press Release ISLA KELIN Dr Tatu case VAW October 2020

Press Release ISLA WLA VAW August 2020

Press Release ISLA KELIN Dr Tatu case VAW June 2020

Press Release WEJ Mitu-Bell May 2020

Press Release ISLA KELIN Dr Tatu case VAW 4 March 2020

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Founded in 2014, the Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (ISLA) is a Pan-African and feminist initiative with a timely remit: to strengthen strategic human rights litigation across the African continent. Essentially, we aim to change the way that strategic litigation is used so as to enable broader access to justice and to support those who seek to hold states accountable for violations of women’s human rights and sexual rights.

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