Over the next two days, ISLA will be hosting an expert advisory meeting on women in the criminal justice system. The experts joining us have been drawn from academia and practise.

On Thursday and Friday, 20 and 21 June 2019, the Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (ISLA) will host an Expert Advisory Meeting on women in the criminal justice system.
ISLA is a Pan African feminist organisation that uses the rule of law in African domestic and regional courts to advance women’s human rights and sexual rights. ISLA’s work is based on the belief that strategic litigation is an immensely powerful tool for social change because it helps to reframe the understanding of people’s entitlements before the law and it challenges existing legal discourse.

The Violence Against Women (VAW) thematic area focuses on using the courts to challenge discriminatory laws and practice that have adverse effects on women’s human rights. The majority of work done under the thematic area so far has focused on: Trafficking, developing the due diligence principle and intersectionality (specifically violence against Migrant women, violence against LBT women and violence against women with disabilities). ISLA would like to extend its work to include the rights of women in the criminal justice system, particularly women who have assaulted or killed their abusive partners.