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Welcome to the Sexual Rights Litigation Network (SXLN) webpage. Our organisation, ISLA, has created the SXLN to support movements that are interested in using strategic litigation as a tool for achieving social change.

The SXLN serves as a network for individuals and groups working on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE) related issues. We establish and maintain relationships with our network members, and work to strengthen their individual and collective capacities. Additionally, we focus on strengthening relevant institutions that support the advancement of SOGIE rights.

We believe that strategic litigation can be a powerful tool for achieving social change, and we are dedicated to providing support and resources for those working towards this goal. So far, the SXLN has has worked with movements, and lawyers in Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, Malawi, and Botswana.

We hope that this page will be a valuable resource for those working on SOGIE rights, and we welcome any questions or feedback.

Pillars of the SXLN

Network development:

This aspect of the SXLN was designed to identify individuals, organisations who can be members of the network and countries where the network can be implemented. It is also intended to enable activists and movement lawyers and their organisations within the network to build strong relationships and a shared political orientation, collaborating and supporting each other on strategic litigation done in the name of social movements.

We understand the importance of having a strong and well-structured network in order to achieve our goal of advancing sexual rights through strategic litigation. That is why we provide our partners with a comprehensive Network Development Toolkit to guide them in the process of developing a network. Along with an overview of the SXLN Strategy, the toolkit also includes the following guides to ensure a successful network development: (i) Contextual Analysis: A guide on how to conduct a contextual analysis before embarking on network development, including tools for collecting and analyzing data; (ii) Engaging Potential Members: A guide on how to engage potential network members and build a strong network of partners; (iii) Framework for Movement Lawyers: A guide on how to create a framework for movement lawyers and ensure their effective participation in the network; and (iv) Application Forms: Template application forms for network members and lawyers, making it easy for them to become part of the SXLN.

By using the Network Development Toolkit, partners will have all the resources they need to build a successful network and achieve the goal of advancing sexual rights through strategic litigation. Contact us to find out more about the toolkit and how you can develop your local network.

Relationship management:

The SXLN aims to contribute towards and invest in building and organising a movement culture which is collaborative and accountable, recognising and harnessing the knowledge, skills and experience of the plural leadership within an effective strategic litigation agenda.

We provide a comprehensive relationship management guide to support our partners in building and maintaining successful relationships with members within the network. This guide covers key principles and approaches to effective relationship management, including: Understanding the nature, form and substance of the SXLN as a relationship; Creating a risk management framework, including decision making and conflict resolution processes; Key steps in the relationship commencement and on-boarding process; and Dissolving the SXLN honourably. The guide provides partners with the tools and guidance needed to establish and maintain strong and effective relationships with other members within the network. By following the principles and approaches outlined in the guide, partners can be confident in the success of their network relationships and in their ability to achieve the goals of the SXLN.

Capacity strengthening:

To strengthen skills for lawyers and civil society organisations (CSOs) to use critical analysis and to engage in strategic litigation on sexual rights as an integral part of communities and movements. For more information, see: SXLN CURRICULUM: LAWYERS; and SXLN CURRICULUM: SOCIAL MOVEMENT

Institutional strengthening:

The SXLN offers sustained support to local LGBTIQ+ partner organisations so that their institutional cultures, policies, systems and practices enable their own success, including an enabling internal environment for effective strategic litigation on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Capacity strengthening resources for prospective partners

As part of the capacity strengthening aspect of the SXLN, we provide organisations that are interested in becoming SXLN partners with access to module content for each module of the SXLN curriculum. This includes an outline of the module, the module presentation, assessment questions, and a reading list. These resources are designed to help organisations improve their theoretical and practical abilities in order to effectively set the agenda for, shape, co-create and lead SOGIE strategic litigation in their social and legal contexts.

The module content can be used in conjunction with the guidance and support provided by ISLA. It provides valuable information and resources, but the support of ISLA is crucial in ensuring the effective establishment and strengthening of local networks. We recommend reaching out to us for guidance and support before using the curriculum modules.

The resources are provided to the organisations to enable them to develop an understanding of the topics covered in the modules and to be able to use them in their work. The assessments questions will be helpful in evaluating their understanding of the module and the reading list will provide them with additional resources for further learning.

The SXLN curriculum, network development toolkit and relationship management guide are designed to work together to provide comprehensive support for organisations interested in becoming partners of the SXLN. These resources are meant to guide partners through the process of developing and maintaining a successful network, starting with a contextual analysis and recruitment of members, to establishing a relationship with the SXLN, and finally to building capacity through the training and knowledge transfer activities provided by the curriculum. The toolkit and guide complement the curriculum by providing practical support and guidance to ensure the success of the network and its members.

Please note that the resources are only provided to organisations that are interested in becoming SXLN partners and have been selected based on their alignment with the SXLN’s mission, politics and ideologies.

About Us

Founded in 2014, the Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (ISLA) is a Pan-African and feminist initiative with a timely remit: to strengthen strategic human rights litigation across the African continent. Essentially, we aim to change the way that strategic litigation is used so as to enable broader access to justice and to support those who seek to hold states accountable for violations of women’s human rights and sexual rights.

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